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Advanced Business

This course builds on business knowledge and skills already attained. There is a strong emphasis on application to the business world and acquisition of digital skills. It aims to enhance students’ communication, analytic and problem solving skills thereby preparing participants for further study or entry to work. Email: business@ccoc.ie          Tel: (021) 4223850 Or send [...]

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Business (International)

As an open economy Ireland relies on the international trade of goods and services. This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills relating to international trade practice and operations so that so that they can take advantage of employment and further educational opportunities which exist in this area. [...]

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English Language & IT Skills for International Students

Do you need to improve your skills in English Language and at the same time gain some IT and Customer Service Skills and qualifications? Then this course is designed specially for you. Completion of the course will allow you to get employment or study at a higher level. Email: englishandit@ccoc.ie          Tel: (021) 4223816 [...]

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FinTech – Technology for the Financial Sector

If you are interested in learning about a range of technological interventions into personal and commercial finance then this is the course for you. One third of consumers use at least one or two finetch service as these opportunities become part of our daily lives. Everything from smartphone money transfer to bitcoin belongs under [...]

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Marketing with Advertising & PR

If you have an interest in the mechanisms involved in ensuring that business succeeds then this is the course for you. Marketing covers everything that form the 4P’s of product, price, place and promotional strategy and coupled with advertising and PR you will be best placed, at the end of the course, to enter [...]

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Marketplace Planning

Learn how to run a successful online business and how to market products, build sales and reach a broad customer base. Investigate how to get goods/services from raw material stage to the product or service desired by the customer. Run your own business or join a dynamic online business team with the skills you [...]

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Police & Security Studies

This course is designed for those who want to work in the security industry or prepare for application to the police/armed forces/naval service. The course includes the modules required for basic licencing (PSA) coupled with a whole range of security related subjects and skills. Cork College of Commerce, as part of the Cork ETB, [...]

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