Business Day Courses

Auctioneering and Property Services Apprenticeship

This is a two year apprenticeship programme aimed at school leavers and mature applicants who wish to follow a career in Property Services. Learners will be employed in Auctioneering, Estate Agency, Property Management and Property Letting firms. Learning will take place in the company where apprentices will work four day per week and learners [...]

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Business Course

This course is a broad based programme providing an excellent grounding in the skills and knowledge required in a modern business setting allowing the student to enter the workplace or progress to Higher Education at the end of the course. Email:          Tel: (021) 4223850 Or send us your contact details and your query. [...]

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Accounting Technician

This course will allow participants to gain an accounting qualification that is recognised both nationally and internationally. Email:          Tel: (021) 4223807 Or send us your contact details and your query. 2 year Certificate for Accounting Technicians (After Year 1) Diploma for Accounting Technicians (After Year 2) Approximately [...]


Accounting Technician Apprenticeship

Accounting Technician Apprenticeship (Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Accounting) If you would like to become an Accounting Technician Apprenticeship in September 2018, please read the information by clicking on the tabs underneath, and visit to read: The full Accounting Technician Occupational Profile The detailed Recruitment Process The full Eligibility [...]

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Retail Selling

This course provides students with marketable skills and a comprehensive understanding of the retail sector. This course is about giving the customer what they want and delivering it effectively. The course runs in partnership with some of the big retailers in Cork. Follow Retail Selling on Facebook! [...]

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Business International

This course is of relevance to those who have an interest in business and in the global marketplace. It is designed to enhance understanding of international practice and operations and is a must for those who want to spread their business wings outside of this country Email:          Tel: (021) 4223850 Or send us [...]

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Office Digital Marketing Specialist

This course aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate as an administrator in a company whilst at the same time being able to manage the social media and digital marketing needs of that company. This skill set is an asset to any small or medium sized business  without a [...]

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Marketing with Advertising and Public Relations

This course aims to provide students with the necessary specialist knowledge of how digital marketing, advertising and public relations operate in the modern world. This knowledge is fundamental in ensuring that a business succeeds. Email:          Tel: (021) 4223853 Or send us your contact details and your query, and we will be in [...]

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Logistics and Distribution

This course introduces Supply Chain Management and will enable the student to develop an understanding of the movement and storage of goods from the point of ordering raw materials to point of sales. It gives a comprehensive understanding of all of the factors involved including the Safety and Health issues that [...]

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Advanced Marketing with Event Management

This advanced certificate enhances and develops the skills and knowledge gained at Level 5 to work in the world of advertising, public relations and event management. This course includes practical experience in these disciplines and includes many opportunities to network and liaise with industry professionals. The course helps to build confidence and generate the [...]

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Advanced Business

This course will be of great benefit to those who want to further develop their knowledge and skills in the business area or upskill thereby enhancing job and progression opportunities. It is a multidisciplinary and integrated business programme which prepares students both academically and practically for a future in business Email:          Tel: (021) [...]

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