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Computer Support Specialist

This course focuses on the key skills required to troubleshoot hardware and provide support and advice in a technical support capacity in a computer company or contact centre. Students will learn the essentials of hardware and networks in a local or cloud setting and how to resolve any security or other issues. [...]

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FIT – Business Administration Skills

This course provides the student with a range of administration skills necessary to pursue employment opportunities in the public, private or community sector. This course is specifically aimed at those who are currently unemployed, seeking to retrain in order to re-enter the workforce. The shared services sector is beginning to grow and there are [...]

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Software Development

This course focuses on the key skills required to design, develop and test software that behaves reliably and efficiently. Students will learn about how to build commercially sound and robust applications for mobile devices and desktops. Email:          Tel: (021) 4223834 Or send us your contact details and your query. [...]

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Computer Science

This course provides the student with the core skills required in the computer science industry and prepares the student for a career demanding specialist knowledge of programming, networking, how to provide virtual support (both locally and in the cloud) and how to troubleshoot hardware issues. Email:          Tel: (021) 4223834 Or send us [...]

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FIT – IT Maintenance and Support

Advances in computer technology continue to provide job opportunities for IT technicians skilled in the installation, repair and maintenance of IT equipment. This full time course is designed to provide the learner with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of PC systems including assembly, repair, software installation and IT technical support. This course is [...]

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Advanced Software Development

This course is designed to further a student’s learning in designing, developing and testing software. The student will also learn how to interface their software with an existing application and will learn key skills in networking and project management. The student will go on 1 day a week work placement to complement their classroom learning [...]

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