Exams – Summer 2017

/Exams – Summer 2017
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Note: Exams are subject to change, check back here for updates.

Instructions for Exam Candidates 2017 (PDF, 381KB)

(All files are in PDF format between 2-3KB)

Uploaded: 21 March 2017

Class-AA – Accounting Technicians
Class-AC – Accounting Technicicans
Class-Adults – Adult LC QQI Maths FMG
Class-AL – International Airline St
Class-AP – App Psychology Soc
Class-AQ – Appl Psychology So
Class-AR – Appl Psychology So
Class-AS – Appl Psychology So
Class-BA – Bus Studies 5M2102 Nick
Class-BB – Bus Studies 5M2102 Maev
Class-BC – Business Studies
Class-BD – Eng Lang IT Skills for Int’l
Class-BE – Eng Lang IT Skills for Int’l
Class-BF – Eng Lang IT Skills for Int’l
Class-BG – Beauty Therapy ITEC
Class-BH – Beauty Therapy ITEC
Class-BI – Beauty Therapy ITEC
Class-BK – QQI Beauty Therapy
Class-BL – Beauty Therapy Ciara Bi
Class-BM – Make-Up Artistry 5M5265
Class-BN – Nail Technician Sinead M
Class-BQ – 061BQ Business Studies
Class-BR – Beauty Therapy Debbie
Class-BS – BA Adv Cert in Bus Studies
Class-BT – Make-Up Artistry 5M5265
Class-BZ – Bus Studies Yr3
Class-CA – Computer Science 5M0536
Class-CB – Computer Science 5M0536
Class-CC – Software Development 5M0529
Class-CH – Adv Cert in Health Services Su
Class-CP – A Traineeship
Class-CS – Software Development
Class-FA – (FIT) Business through
Class-FB – (FIT)IT Maintenance Support
Class-FM – Food Marketing Business
Class-HA – Holistic and Physical Th
Class-HB – Holistic and Physical Ther
Class-HO – Hospitality Operations
Class-HP – Hospitality Operations
Class-HR – Administration
Class-HS – Holistic and Physical Th
Class-HV – Health Care Assistant
Class-HW – Health Care Assistant
Class-HX – Health Care Assistant
Class-HY – Health Care Assistant
Class-HZ – Health Care Assistant 5M
Class-LD – Logistics and Distribution
Class-LE – Language European Studies
Class-LR – Legal Administration 5M3
Class-LS – Adv Cert in Legal Admini
Class-LT – Legal Administration 5M3
Class-Maths – Darren Mullins Monday
Class-Maths – Jamie Burns Monday
Class-Maths – Michael Dalton Wednesday
Class-Maths – Orfhlaith Dineen Mon W
Class-Maths – Orfhlaith Dineen Monday
Class-MD – Early Childhood Care
Class-MK – On-Line Marketing
Class-MR – Medical Dental Rec 5M1
Class-MS – Medical Dental Rec 5M1
Class-MT – Adv Cert in Early Childh
Class-NA – Adv Cert in Early Childhood Ca
Class-NB – Adv Cert in Early Childhood Ca
Class-NC – Adv Cert in Early Childhood Ca
Class-NE – Early Childhood Studies
Class-NF – Early Childhood Studies
Class-NG – Early Childhood Studies
Class-NH – Early Childhood Studies
Class-NI – Early Childhood Studies
Class-NIght – Anatomy Physiology
Class-NIght – Business Administration
Class-Night – Child Development 5
Class-NIght – Child Development 6
Class-NIght – Employment Law
Class-Night – Holistic Massage Refle
Class-Night – Human Res Managmnt Tues
Class-Night – Human Res Managmnt Weds
Class-Night – Nail Technology
Class-NIght – Night Fashion Photographic M
Class-NIght – Night Infection Prevention C
Class-NIght – Night Payroll Manual Compute
Class-Night – NIght Supervisory Management
Class-Night – Nutrition Health QQI
Class-Night – Speech Drama Year 3
Class-Night – Speech Drama
Class-PB – Professional Cookery
Class-PC – Professional Cookery 5M2
Class-PD – Professional Cookery
Class-PE – Professional Cookery 5M2
Class-PH – Adv Cert in Psychosocial Aware
Class-PR – Marketing with Advertis
Class-PS – Adv Cert in Bus, Market
Class-PT – Personal Trainer
Class-PV – Nursing Studies 5M4349
Class-PW – Nursing Studies 5M4349 C
Class-PX – Nursing Studies 5M4349
Class-PY – Nursing Studies 5M4349 M
Class-PZ – Nursing Studies 5M4349
Class-RC – Reception and Customer S
Class-RM – Retail Practice 5M2105
Class-SA – Essential IT for the Off
Class-SP – Early Childhood Studies (Speci
Class-SQ – Early Childhood Studies (Speci
Class-SS – Advan Cert in Office A
Class-SV – Adv Cert in Security Ope
Class-SY – Police Security St
Class-SZ – Police Security St
Class-TA – Travel and Tourism 5M
Class-TC – Beauty Sales Consultant
Class-TS – Adv Cert in Tourism Hospital
Class-WB – E-Business Skib
Class-WD – Childcare Skib
Class-WH – HealthcareSupport Service Ski
Class-WL – Horticulture Skib
Class-WN – Business Level 6 Skib
Class-WS – Hospitality Operations Skib
Class-YW – Cert. in Youthwork