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Health Studies Day Courses

Advanced Healthcare

Further your skills and knowledge in Level 5 in Healthcare(or related areas) with a programme developed to meet the supervisory requirements of the health,caring and community sector. Learn with confidence to be a competent leader, supervising care teams, which serve the needs of clients and rely on nursing homes and support services. Students will [...]

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Advanced Psychosocial Awareness & Training

The QQI Level 6 course aims to create an understanding of inclusive education, mental health and disability awareness. The content enhances previous knowledge acquired in the areas of Psychology and Social Studies, Early Years Education, Healthcare Assistant, Nursing Studies and other Health related areas. Successful completion of the course provides learners with opportunities for [...]

Health & Wellbeing Advisor

Wellbeing is a dynamic growth area that has become part of professional life in all organisations. If you would like to become the person in an area of company/business who is knowledgeable about the importance of all aspects of health and wellbeing then this is the course for you. We are all becoming aware [...]


Healthcare Assistant

This course promotes the development of knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for students to work in a a range of care environments while enhancing an awareness of the roles and responsibilites of the care assistant. Emphasis is placed on the importance of issues such as respect, dignity, empathy and confidentiality in the care of [...]

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Nursing Studies

Find out if Nursing is for you! This preparatory course is geared for those who intend to go on to further training for the BSc Degree in Nurse Education either in Ireland, England, Scotland or abroad. You will be introduced to subjects/topics commonly studied in the first year of the nursing degree programme. Learn [...]

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Psychology & Social Studies

This course is designed for those who are ‘people focused’ and provides the knowledge, methodologies and skills that will assist in progressing to third level with a view to careers in psychology, social sciences and humanities. It builds confidence and awareness in the areas of social studies and psychology and allows students to become [...]

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Have you an interest in and an aptitude for in working with young people? Learn about all of the pertinent challenges and issues that face young people on this full time course which will equip you with knowledge skills and confidence to work in a variety of settings. Email:          Tel: (021) 4223833 [...]

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