If you have a desire to make a career in the food industry then this is the course for you. Learn the practical skills and knowledge of cooking and food that will allow you to either go straight to work in the catering industry or progress to higher education. The hospitality industry is an exciting dynamic area with employment opportunities all over the world.

  • Culinary Techniques 5N0630 –  Learn cooking methods carried out in a professional production kitchen where all aspects of the operation of the commercial kitchen are experienced. Classical and contemporary cooking methods.
  • Food Science and Technology 5N0730 –  Study a range of industrial catering equipment including the working principle of each. Learn about food commodities (meat, fish, eggs etc.) and their use in catering.
  • International Cuisines 5N0632 -Identify the basic ingredients and palette of flavours from selected regions of the world. Experience food commodities, cooking techniques and cooking equipment associated with world cuisines. Produce a meal from selected regions. Demonstrate principles of food safety and hygiene.
  • Meal Service 5N0635 – Explore factors that contribute to creating a meal experience. Learn the sequence of service, record reservations, take orders, serve food and wine, handle complaints, present the bill and evaluate guest feedback.
  • Menu Planning and Applied Nutrition 5N2085 – Apply nutritional knowledge to creative menu planning while considering the need for variety and balance in ingredients, flavours and textures. Understand common food allergies and intolerances and identify ingredients relevant to various food allergies. Explore the impact of nutrients on good health and their role in relation to illness.
  • Pastry, Baking and Desserts 5N2084 – prepare a range of baked dishes, a range of breads, hot and cold desserts, sponges  etc. Prepare a cheeseboard using appropriate accompaniments.
  • Personal Effectiveness 5N1390 – Reflect on your own personal role in a workplace including the skills needed for your job, personal strengths and weaknesses and the people issues and work practices which influence how you do your work.
  • Word Processing 5N1358 – Create and edit documents to a professional standard. Utilise Memos and Mailmerge for streamlining customer communication
  • Work Practice 5N1433 – Participate in a minimum of 2 months work practice/placement undertaking a range of catering related roles.

Leaving Certificate, LCA or QQI Level 4. Mature students are exempt from Leaving Certificate requirement. All applicants are interviewed. An offer of a place is contingent on the applicant meeting the requirements set out here and satisfactory presentation at interview.

  • 40 days work practice
  • Professional guest lecturers
  • Site visits
  • All practical work performed in a commercial kitchen
  • Food Safety Net Ireland Level 1 and 2 Food Safety & Hygiene training
  • Manual handling training and certification (requirement for work experience)
  • A fine dining experience
  • First Aid workshop
  • Fire Safety Training

Excellent progression opportunities including:

  • CCOC: QQI Level 6 Advanced Tourism (Tourism with Business) 6M5012
  • CIT: Culinary Studies (CR655)
  • CIT: Hospitality Studies (CR657)
  • CIT: Hospitality Management (CR042)
  • CIT: Culinary Arts (CR640)

Great progression opportunities Higher Education colleges. Special arrangements in place with CIT (CCPS), Tralee IT and Waterford IT for preferential entry for College of Commerce students. Up to 390 CAO points for any Institute of Technology can be attained by successful completion of this course. See Progressions for details.

Kitchen staff in bars, hotels and restaurants, contract caterers, bakeries, tea rooms and cafes, kitchens in hospitals and nursing homes, B&Bs and deli managers. All students can access the Jobs Advice Hub. Graduates can subscribe to ‘CCOC college jobs register’ and CCOC LinkedIn alumni for up to date vacancies and networking.

Email: hospitality@ccoc.ie          Tel: (021) 4223815

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1 year

QQI Level 5 Certificate in Professional Cookery 5M2088

QQI Component Maths 5N1833 and Statistics 5N2066 (available as option in evening for learners needing Maths or Statistics for progression)

CCOC Manual handling training and certification (requirement for work experience).

Food Safety Net Ireland Level 1 and 2 Food Hygiene Certification.

Fire Safety Certification.

750 including QQI examination fees. (Medical card holders exempt from €250). Additional cost for a uniform. See Payment for details.


Hello to all in the professional cookery department, just wanted to let you know, I got my final results from CIT, Culinary studies, passed all my exams with distinction . . . Thanks so much to the crew in the professional cookery department where it all began for me, without which I certainly wouldn’t be here today, thank you Fiona, Deirdre, Siobhan and Katherine, and all the staff of CCOC, from whom i received the very best start in my culinary career, and without whom I wouldn’t have got such good grades. Thank you, Daniel.

Daniel Leahy, Graduate

I would absolutely recommend this course for anyone who wants to get into the cooking industry or if you just want to pursue a hobby like I did. I met a whole group of new friends from different walks of life and it made the whole year a great one. From cooking in the kitchen to serving people in the dining room you really do learn so much without realising it. The teachers are really encouraging and the facilities the college offer are great. By doing this course I now have a range of opportunities open to me like continuing studying at CIT in Culinary Studies. The year went by too fast and the best part of it was having fun cooking food with the best group of people I now call my friends.

Halima Abdulkarim, Professional Cookery

It was so nice to learn new skills in cooking at the start of the year, I was shy and scared of how College was going to be for me. The first few months were hard, but then it got better I got more confidence in my own cooking skills. Thank you to all the teachers for pushing us to get better and for having the passion with us in your subject. All the teachers were nice and always willing to help if I was having trouble with assignments. I enjoyed my time in the Cork College of Commerce and sad that it is now over. I am now looking forward to hopefully fulfilling my dream and spending the next 2 years in CIT studying Culinary Studies

Dovydas Krzanavicius , CIT student