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Cork College of Commerce is justifiably proud of the progression options that it has established for its students. Over 350 students each year use our progressions links to continue on to University and Institutes of Technology.  The educational experience the College provides, places many of our graduates on a pathway of learning going forward. Learning does not end when the student leaves the college. An additional benefit of attaining a qualification from Cork College of Commerce is that it provides an alternative route to Higher Education. From generating up to a maximum of 390 points for the CAO application system via a QQI award, to local agreements with Higher Education Institutes, students can progress to specified courses in a range of areas.

The Progressions Officer in the College is constantly reviewing and sourcing new links to Higher Education and continually updating the progressions database with information on available routes for students to higher education.  Check out the progressions database or contact our progressions officers at with your queries.