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What is Further Education?

  1. What Our Students Say
  2. For Guidance Counsellors
  3. Entry Requirements – Open to Everyone
  4. Progressions – Next Step on the Ladder to CIT, UCC & More …
  5. Course Costs: No Tuition Fees
  6. Grants & Financial Support
  • Further Education is the next step in your life:
  • It is education after the Leaving Certificate.
  • It is re-training after unemployment.
  • It is back-to-education for mature students (even if you’re now half a lifetime away from the classroom).
  • It can be your link onwards to Higher Education at university and the institutes of technology.
  • It is continuing education for life.
  • It is second-chance, first-chance; for education, training, and your own personal development. It is your next-chance.

What Our Students Say

  • “My time in the Cork College of Commerce has been one of the best experiences of my life to date, I have made alot of new friends, both students and teachers, and have learnt so much thanks to the efforts of my teachers …”
  • “Course well worth doing. I found everyone so helpful.”
  • “Great place to go if you are thinking of returning to education …”
  • “I have been out of education since I was 15 years old & wondered if I should return. I am so glad I did as the encouragement & help afforded me by the teachers in the College was wonderful & I will be forever grateful …”

For Guidance Counsellors

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  • We are constantly updating our links to higher education. View the latest data here, or download the latest spreadsheet.
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Entry Requirements – Open to Everyone

See here for the complete information on entry requirements.

Entry to Further Education is not through CAO and is not about Leaving Certificate points. For mature students it may not even be about whether you have a Leaving Certificate or not. We are only concerned to see if an available place on a course is right for you and if you meet the individual course requirements in your previous learning and life experience.

Progressions – Next Step on the Ladder to CIT, UCC & More …

For full on progressions from Cork College of Commerce courses see here.

Whether you are continuing your education or starting all over again, Further Education is a part of the National Framework of Qualifications. All education in Ireland is divided into levels. Your progression route is up through the levels, whichever way you plan it.

A Leaving Certificate is level 5. Further Education is at level 5 and level 6. Higher Education is level 7 and upwards.

So if you have completed a Leaving Certificate you can continue with Further Education through levels 5 and 6 and further to level 7 Higher Education in universities and the institutes of technology. The Leaving Certificate and your CAO points are not the last chance. There is no last chance at progression in Irish education.

If you never completed a Leaving Certificate, success in a level 5 course in Further Education brings you to the same level, with new opportunities to apply to level 6 and onwards to level 7 in Higher Education. Of course we also offer a number of Leaving Certificate courses for adults and repeats.

Our 3rd level links database is continually updated on available routes for students onto higher education.


Course Costs: No Tuition Fees

For more information for applicants from outside the EU see here.

Further Education has no tuition fees for everyone from the EU (but there are still some financial contributions required). Most day courses in this College cost about €450 for the year. For more details on fees check out individual course information and our breakdown of costs.

International students are very welcome and a valued part of our College life and community, however for applicants from outside the EU fees will apply.

Grants & Financial Support

See here for the complete information on grants and on how to apply.

Financial supports are available: the grant, VTOS, and the Back-To-Education-Allowance.

  • The Department of Education and Skills has a means-tested maintenance grant for learners attending full-time Further Education courses.
  • The Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) allows successful applicants to keep their Social Welfare Allowances while attending a Further Education course.
  • The Back to Education Allowance (BTEA) is a scheme for unemployed people, lone parents and people with disabilities who are getting certain payments from the Department of Social Protection. The weekly allowance is not means tested and you can even work part-time without affecting your payment.