Student Focus

Preparing Students for the Marketplace

  • Course modules/components
    The college continuously liaises with industry and potential employers to keep our courses up to date and ensure that our courses are ‘fit for purpose’.   Modules/components are added or removed as necessary to meet these requirements of industry and the workplace.
    Our courses are accreditated by examining bodies such as QQI, ITEC, CIDESCO, Institute of Accounting Technicians, Microsoft (MTA certification), ECDL. This accreditation gives students the best start they could have in a competitive environment.
  • Practical application learning
    Many courses include additional features, to ensure that on completion of the course, students will be best placed for jobs in their areas of study. These features include e.g. software packages such as Socrates for the Medical Dental Reception administration course, and many others.
    Additional training is provided in some courses such as Occupational First Aid or Manual Handling.
  • Work Experience/Work Placement
    The majority of courses in the college include work experience. Some courses have a requirement of 2 – 4 weeks work experience while for other courses work experience takes the format of ‘one day a week’ work.
    Work Experience is a crucial part of all courses and is extremely beneficial in terms of expanding the student’s knowledge and skills and also their personal development.
  • Site visits
    Site visits are organised for a range of companies in various courses. This is very important as it helps students apply their understanding and knowledge learnt to date in the classroom and see this applied in the workplace. Companies are very supportive in facilitating these visits.
  • Professional guest lecturers
    During the academic year, a number of invited guest speakers give presentations to students on different topics, relevant to specific modules/components that they are studying for their course. These presentations/talks provides a practical application to the theoretical aspects covered in class time.
  • Start Your own Business Workshop
    Many of our courses allow students to set up their own business sometime in the future. Every year in February, an event is held in the college to provide information on “Start Your own Business “. This event includes information sessions by financial institutions and also a number of speakers give a presentation on their own experiences and challenges of setting up their own business.

Job Advice Hub

Job advice hub
The college has staff dedicated to providing Interview Skills preparation and training, also giving essential support, encouragement and advice to students when they are job searching.  Information sessions are given on Interview Skills preparation and training. Practice Interviews are facilitated. Information and support is given for CV preparation.   Personal/professional presentation information is also provided.   The goal here is to support the student’s development as they plan and prepare for the workplace.

Career Planning

Effective CVs Cover Letters and Applications

Preparing for Interviews

Where to find a job

Job search information

Fact Sheets

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Jane Fitzpatrick

Job Placement Officer

Cork College of Commerce

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College Competitions for Students

Students are encouraged to engage in a number of competitions within the college which promote personal and professional development.
A climate of social responsibility is also fostered and partnerships and activities with a number of charities are ongoing throughout the year.