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Advanced HR Administration

This course builds on the knowledge of QQI certificate course. Students utilise/develop their existing skills to become trained individuals who have the personality and commitment to provide expert support to their organisations. Companies look to these human resource professionals to manage difficult issues that arise so that focus can be on running the business. [...]

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Advanced Certificate in Police and Security Studies

A Level 6 QQI Advanced Certificate designed to address the management element of the Security Industry for those desiring to occupy a supervisory role. Fiona McGuinness fmcguinness@ccoc.ie Tel: (021) 4223832 1 year QQI Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Security Operations 6M4980 QQI Component Maths 5N1833 (available as option in evening [...]

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Advanced Certificate in Business

This course will be of great benefit to those who want to further develop their knowledge and skills in the business area thereby enhancing job and progression opportunities. It is a multidisciplinary and integrated business programme which prepares students both academically and practically for a future in business Email: business@ccoc.ie          Tel: (021) 4223850 Or [...]

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Advanced Certificate in Legal Administration

This QQI Level 6 advanced certificate builds on the knowledge of the QQI certificate Level 5 related courses (a background in business/legal administration subjects is advisable) and enables students to gain a more in depth knowledge of the legal arena. fhennessy@ccoc.ie Fiona Hennessy Tel: (021)4223822 1 year QQI Level 6 [...]

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Advanced Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality

This course is designed to develop the skills of those from the Tourism and Culinary/Hospitality courses to address the growing needs in the marketplace for professionals to serve the vibrant hospitality and tourism sector in Ireland and abroad. It combines Tourism/Hospitality subjects with the business skills necessary to function within an evolving sector. The [...]

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Advanced Certificate in Psychosocial Awareness and Training

The QQI Level 6 course aims to create an understanding of inclusive education, mental health and disability awareness. The content enhances previous knowledge acquired in the areas of Psychology and Social Studies, Early Years Education, Healthcare Assistant, Nursing Studies and other Health related areas. Successful completion of the course provides learners with opportunities for [...]

Software Development Level 6

This course is designed to further a student’s learning in designing, developing and testing software. The student will also learn how to interface their software with an existing application and will learn key skills in networking and project management. The student will go on 1 day a week work placement to complement their classroom learning [...]

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