This course is suited to anyone who thinks they may have an aptitude for and interest in working with young people in a variety of settings. It addresses the pertinent issues and challenges facing young people and those who work with them. It will equip learners with knowledge, skills and confidence when working with young people. It is one of very few full time courses on the topic available and runs from Sept to May.

Fiona O’Connor
Tel: (021) 4223833

1 year

QQI Level 5 Certificate in Youthwork 5M4732

QQI Component Maths 5N1833 (available as option in evening for learners requiring Maths for progression)

€500 including QQI examination fees. (Medical card holders exempt from €250)

  • Understanding Youthwork
  • Working with Young People 5N1384
  • Young People and Society 5N2002
  • Communications 5N0690
  • Work Experience 5N1356
  • Understanding Community Development 5N1901
  • Criminology 5N2107
  • Adventure Activities 5N4646 or Desktop Publishing 5N0785

This course is designed predominantly for mature applicants. Experience and aptitude will be considered in lieu of formal qualifications. Applicants who are under 21 years of age require a Leaving Certificate or equivalent in addition to showing evidence of having an aptitude for and prior experience in the area. All applicants are interviewed.

  • Input from professional practitioners
  • Work experience
  • Child Protection Training
  • Teamwork and discussion
  • Visits to Youth and Community Groups

CCOC QQI Advanced Certificate in Psychosocial Awareness and Training (Inclusive Education and Training 6M2263)

Excellent progression opportunities to UCC and other Higher Education colleges. Special arrangements in place with CIT (CCPS), Tralee IT and Waterford IT for preferential entry for College of Commerce students. Up to 390 CAO points for any Institute of Technology can be attained by successful completion of this course. See Progressions for details.

Direct employment in the Youth Work sector, youth leaders in youth clubs, sports clubs and youth services and community development work. Opportunities subject to relevant experience. All students can access the Jobs Advice Hub. Graduates can subscribe to ‘CCOC college jobs register’ and CCOC LinkedIn alumni for up to date vacancies and networking.

Deciding to go to Cork College of Commerce to do the Youth Work QQI level 5 was honestly the best decision I have ever made. I was a bit worried going back to college because I was a mature student and didn’t think I would be able to do the work. I won’t lie it was hard at times but the teachers helped me out a lot with what every they could. While doing the course we covered both theory and practice and that gave me the confidence to go on to Cork Institute of Technology to where I am I know studying Social Care which is a 4-year course and at the end of it I’ll have a Bachelor of Arts. I would recommend doing the Youth Work course to anyone who is planning on working in any sector that deals with kids. Graduate 2016.

PJ O'Brien, CIT student

I would recommend QQI Level 5 in youth work in Cork College of Commerce as a top notch course for anyone interested in working with young people. As a mature student who already had a lot of experience in care work youth work opened my mind to the psychology of group work and helped me understand the workings of a young person’s mind. The course helped me to develop the skills I already had and gave a whole new view of how to approach and help people in general. The support from teachers was second to none and they delivered 100% on content and interaction with class. This course gave me the confidence to further my education and get the qualifications I need to return to care work. 100% satisfaction from a very happy ex youth work student.

Mark Lucey, Graduate student

I would highly recommend the QQI level 5 Youthwork course to anyone who is looking to pursue a career in the youth work sector. The course is designed perfectly to give you all the knowledge required for working with youths and the support from the teachers is second to none. I have been volunteering for youth clubs for 5 years and felt that I needed to get more education within this area. After completing this course it has opened doors to many other options in education and work.

Michelle Murphy, Graduate student
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