Administration Day Courses

Estate Agency Administration

Have you an interest in the property sector and would like to work in a busy Property Management Services, Auctioneers or Valuers as part of the admin team? Then this is the course for you. You will learn all of the necessary administration skills coupled with a specialisation in Valuation and Estate Agency Practice.This [...]

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Accounts Administration

If you have a flair for numbers and an interest in working in the financial side of any business office then this is the perfect course for you. Gain expertise in supporting the management of finances in any company environment or be the ‘go to’ person for accounts in the office of a small [...]

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Marketplace Planning

Learn how to run a successful online business and how to market products, build sales and reach a broad customer base. Investigate how to get goods/services from raw material stage to the product or service desired by the customer. Run your own business or join a dynamic online business team with the skills you [...]

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Legal Administration

This course doubles up as a pre-university option for those wishing to get a degree or for those who want to go straight to work in a legal office. Learn all the important legal terms, get a grounding in many aspects of the law and get a feel for your future in the legal [...]

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Frontline Skills for Administration

If you think that you would like to be at the frontline in any organisation working in the admin hub then this course was designed for you. Learn all of the key skills required to be the ‘go to’ person in a busy organisational hub, reception area or to be the sole admin member [...]

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Medical and Dental Reception

If you are an organised person and would love to work in administration in a busy doctors, dentists, hospital or other healthcare environment then this course is perfect for you. The admin team member in these environments is the person who sensitively deals with vulnerable clients to ensure that they are professionally dealt with. [...]

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Human Resource – Admin Specialist

If you have a passion for organisation and would love to have an admin role in the busy human resources section of a company then this is your course. Get to grips with knowledge on staff training, recruitment, employers rights and responsibilities and all that happens in the industrial relations arena and take that [...]

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