This course builds on business and English knowledge and skills already attained from a Level 5 related programme. Its broad range of subjects allows students to continue to develop their expertise in the business area as well as further developing their expertise in the English language. Graduates from the course will have upskilled in English as a second language and be in a position to work in a business organisation or move on into an entrepreneurial venture.

  • Business Management 6N4310 – understand the role and function of management in a business environment. Gain a detailed picture of the management of planning, organising and controlling. Develop effective management skills such as leadership and communications.
  • Work Experience 6N1946 – Present a detailed personal skills audit and career plan including personal goals, action points, development opportunities and career paths. Demonstrate supervisory skills and capacities in the workplace.
  • Communications 6N1950 –  builds on the core communications skills gained at level 5 while allowing the learner, working independently and or in a supervisory capacity, to develop such qualities as tact, diplomacy, empathy and patience necessary for communicating with staff/clients in a professional setting.
  • Entrepreneurship 6N1941 – The learner will attain the knowledge, skill and competence in advanced theories and concepts of entrepreneurship in order to adopt an entrepreneurial approach to a specific business and or social innovation context, operating independently and or in a supervisory capacity.
  • English as a Second language  – 6N3161 The learner will be equipped with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to communicate with
    fluency in the target language, socially and in the work environment, independently and or in a supervisory capacity.
  • Managing People 6N3945 -The learner will be equipped with the knowledge, skill and competence to develop standards, measure performance, motivate and  empower staff while working in a supervisory role.
  • Contact Centre Support Skills 6N3925 – The learner willl be equipped with the knowledge, skill and competence in the practices and operations
    of a contact centre to enable the learner to operate effectively in a contact centre environment dealing directly with clients over the telephone.
  • Professional Presentation 6N4006 – Equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence of presentation software and communication skills that can be used in a business and training environment.

Additional Training/Workshops

  • Data Protection: This workshop offers an insight into grooming and styling for the professional world.  It covers a wide range of topics such as dressing for your shape, colour analysis and making the most of your wardrobe.  Essential for those going on work experience or job interview.
  • Professional Styling and Image: This Data Protection Workshop gives learners an overview of GDPR. The workshop examines was GDPR stands for and gives an understanding of the current data protection rules and obligations.  The learners also receive information on the types of data, the terminology associated with GDPR, the penalties with breaches, storage of data and general do’s and don’ts regarding data.
  • Individual support available to build Word Processing and Spreadsheet skills.
  • English language tutorial support.

Customer Service/Marketing Representative, Retail Assistant, Office/Business Administrator.

  • Duration: September to May
  • Fees: €330 including QQI examination fees. (Medical card holders exempt from €80). See payment for details.
  • Certification:
    • QQI Advanced Certificate in Business 6M4985
    • QQI Component Maths 5N1833 (available as option in evening for learners requiring Maths for progression)
  • Work Experience: Students will undertake work experience one day per week in a business/administration setting for the duration of the course, which they organise themselves. A college based simulated office is available to help students transition to the world of work.

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