This course is a broad based programme providing an excellent grounding in the skills and knowledge required in a modern business setting. Completion opens up progression avenues to various Higher Education establishments in addition to work opportunities.

  • Accounting -Manual and Computerised 5N1348 – Learn to prepare financial statements from trial balance and period end adjustments using both a manual accounting system and a computerised package. Produce a forecast financial statement with a forecast cash flow.
  • Applied Economics 5N1350 – Analyse the role of the key players in the Irish economy such as government, industry and consumers. Identify a range of barriers to free trade. Calculate national income from given data using each of the main measures. Analyse the impact of a variety of changes in supply, demand and market equilibrium
  • Business Administration Skills 5N1610 – Examine a range of recruitment options for selecting and appointing staff and current employment rights legislation. Maintain a range of documents pertaining to HR management and employees  including employment contracts, attendance records etc. Explore sources of finance for a business including cash-flow. Examine different types of meetings held and complete a range of documentation necessary for the effective function of a meeting. Explain the role of quality systems
  • Communications 5N0690 – Acquire the writing skills needed for the workplace, learn to speak fluently and coherently in a professional setting, develop interpersonal skills and have an understanding of the impact of ICT on society.
  • Marketing Practice 5N1400 – Conduct a SWOT analysis. Develop a marketing plan for a specific product or service. Examine the life cycle of a range of products including new product development. Explain the elements of the marketing mix. Carry out market research applying appropriate techniques and research methodologies.
  • Spreadsheet Methods 5N1977 – Produce a spreadsheet that meets a simple design specification and is fit for purpose. Learn a range of spreadsheet features such as data and cell formatting techniques, conditional IF statements, financial, date and time functions. Generate a variety of types of graphs from spreadsheet data. Automate routine multi-step tasks through the creation, execution and management of simple macros.
  • Work Experience 5N1356 – Planning, preparation and reflection on work placement. Job finding strategies, CV and personal statement preparation, interview skills. Practise employability skills with a view to future planning
  • Statistics 5N2066 – Understand data, data collection and compile statistical information. Identify and implement appropriate means of presenting data. Analyse and interpret statistical information and learn how to use statistics for work and life
  • Chinese CCOC – Chinese Culture and a knowledge of Chinese used in everyday situations, pinyin and an introduction to Chinese characters/  German 4N1773 – An introduction to everyday German language, culture and basic grammar used in everyday situations (optional)

Leaving Certificate, LCA or QQI Level 4. Mature students are exempt from Leaving Certificate requirement.

An offer of a place on this course is contingent on the applicant meeting the entry requirements set out here and satisfactory presentation at interview.

  • Optional Chinese or German
  • Professional guest lecturers
  • Digital Marketing workshop
  • Word Processing workshop

Excellent progressions opportunities including:

  • CIT: Business Studies (CR021)
  • UCC: Commerce (CK201)
  • CCOC: QQI Level 6 Advanced Business   6M4985
  • CCOC: QQI Level 6 Advanced Tourism  (Tourism with Business) 6M5012
  • CCOC: QQI Level 6 Advanced Marketing and Event Management (Business) 6M4985

Excellent progression opportunities to other Higher Education colleges. Special arrangements in place with CIT (CCPS), Tralee IT and Waterford IT for preferential entry for College of Commerce students. Up to 390 CAO points for any Institute of Technology can be attained by successful completion of this course. See  Progressions for details.

Job opportunities may include roles such  as Accounts Assistant, Marketing/Sales Representative, Junior Office Administrator, Customer Service Representative, Frontline office personnel. All students can access the Jobs Advice Hub. Graduates can subscribe to ‘CCOC college jobs register’ and CCOC LinkedIn alumni for up to date vacancies and networking.

Email:          Tel: (021) 4223850

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The course runs for 1 academic year. Business  is a full time programme which runs from early September to mid May. Timetables vary from year to year.

QQI Level 5 Certificate in Business Studies 5M2102

QQI Component Maths 5N1833 (available as option in the evening for learners requiring Maths for progression)

CCOC Certificate in Chinese (optional)

500 including QQI examination fees. (Medical card holders exempt from €250). See Payment for details.


I returned to full time education in September 2017 to study Business QQI level 5 after spending 20 years in the workforce. My overall experience of studying this course was excellent as it helped me develop an understanding for business and gave me the practical skills to implement into everyday working life. With the help and support from all the lecturers I was encouraged to apply for the ATI Apprenticeship program. I now work for Grant Thornton training to be an accountant and believe I was afforded this opportunity from gaining the knowledge and skill set that College of Commerce provided.

Daniel O'Callaghan, Business Studies, Cork College of Commerce

My name is Daniel Dekyssky. I come from Slovakia originally. I have been living in Ireland for the past 4 years. I came to Ireland with the aim of studying English. Then in 2015 I decided to study Business Studies in Cork College of Commerce. Thanks to the College of Commerce I got the opportunity to study Chinese and I was delighted to be chosen to take part in the Confucius Institute Shanghai Easter Camp. It was a truly memorable experience and a great opportunity to see this amazing culture. I am currently studying Commerce in UCC. I feel that at the College of Commerce I received an excellent preparation for my 3rd level studies.

Daniel Dekyssky, UCC student

My name is Kamile Pociute. I studied Business Studies in Cork College of Commerce in 2015. I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Shanghai University, all courtesy of the Confucius Institute and the College of Commerce. It was a wonderful, life- changing experience. I am now studying Commerce and Chinese in UCC and I am looking forward to spending my 3rd year studying in university in Shanghai. It all started with the College of Commerce! I could not have achieved this without the College of Commerce. It was well worth spending an extra year in College to get into my dream course.

Kamile Pociute, UCC student

The college was for me a great starting point for me as it helped me to discover the qualities and skills which I hadn’t discovered before. This encouraged me to continue with my third level education to CIT. There have been so many improvements in my educational life because of what I have learnt in CCOC. I am very grateful to all of teachers of for their time, sacrifice and encouragement during my time at the college and I won’t forget that.

Erick Ndambi, CIT student

Through my time at Cork College of Commerce, I have discovered my interest in Business and wish to continue either through continued studies or getting a job which I can best use my training to date.

Helena Ireland, Business Studies and Advanced Certificate in Business, Cork College of Commerce