Business Day Courses

Auctioneering and Property Services Apprenticeship

This is a two year apprenticeship programme aimed at school leavers and mature applicants who wish to follow a career in Property Services. Learners will be employed in Auctioneering, Estate Agency, Property Management and Property Letting firms. Learning will take place in the company where apprentices will work four day per week and learners [...]

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This course is a broad based programme providing an excellent grounding in the skills and knowledge required in a modern business setting. Completion opens up progression avenues to various Higher Education establishments in addition to work opportunities. Email:          Tel: (021) 4223850 Or send us your contact details and your query. [...]

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Accounting Technician

Get the best national and international professional qualification available to work as an accounting technician. Become skilled in all of the key financial aspects of accounting for any business. Email:          Tel: (021) 4223808 Or send us your contact details and your query. The course runs for 2 academic years. [...]


Accounting Technician Apprenticeship

Accounting Technician Apprenticeship (Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Accounting) If you would like to become an Accounting Technician Apprenticeship in September 2018, please read the information by clicking on the tabs underneath, and visit to read: The full Accounting Technician Occupational Profile The detailed Recruitment Process The full Eligibility [...]

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Sales Advisor-Retail

Retail is all about giving the customer what they want and delivering it effectively. If you think you have what it takes to help a business succeed in retail then this is your starting point. Learn all about the marketable skills of display, selling and online marketing in order to ensure customer satisfaction [...]

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Business International

As an open economy Ireland relies on the international trade of goods and services. This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills relating to international trade practice and operations so that so that they can take advantage of employment and further educational opportunities which exist in this area. [...]

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English Language and IT Skills for International Students

Do you need to improve your skills in English Language and at the same time gain some IT and Customer Service Skills and qualifications? Then this course is designed specially for you. Completion of the course will allow you to get employment or study at a higher level. Email:          Tel: (021) 4223816 [...]

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Marketplace Planning

Learn how to run a successful online business and how to market products, build sales and reach a broad customer base. Investigate how to get goods/services from raw material stage to the product or service desired by the customer. Run your own business or join a dynamic online business team with the skills you [...]

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Marketing with Advertising and PR

If you have an interest in the mechanisms involved in ensuring that business succeeds then this is the course for you. Marketing covers everything that form the 4P’s of product, price, place and promotional strategy and coupled with advertising and PR you will be best placed, at the end of the course, to enter [...]

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Logistics and Distribution

All businesses depend on Logistics & Distribution to service both their own internal needs and those of their clients. Logistics & Distribution includes the sourcing, storage and transportation of both components and finished products. It is the study of the business functions that form the link between raw materials & products [...]

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Advanced Marketing with Event Management

Develop further your business and marketing skills with this advanced programme and gain networking opportunities with industry professionals and practical experience of event management. Develop your entrepreneurial spirit and take the opportunity to gain a host of skills that will ensure you are ready to enter the marketplace or progress to higher education. Options [...]

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Advanced Business

This course builds on business knowledge and skills already attained. There is a strong emphasis on application to the business world and acquisition of digital skills. It aims to enhance students’ communication, analytic and problem solving skills thereby preparing participants for further study or entry to work. Email:          Tel: (021) 4223850 Or send [...]

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