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We strive to create a college and learning environment that facilitates all learners to achieve success by building a career in the workplace/industry, and we want to give you every opportunity to release your potential and secure the job of your dreams.

An appointment can be made with a career guidance counsellor to discuss and plan career options.

Your work experience placement gives you an invaluable opportunity to get hands-on experience of working in your chosen area.

Site visits provide you with valuable exposure to your chosen industry. Exploit this opportunity to open doors and establish industry contacts.

Guest speakers and members of professional bodies visit the college to share their working world with you, and to tell you how their journey began. Remember, they were once where you are now!

On Recruitment Registration day, a number of recruitment agencies visit the college and invite you to recruit for jobs that you might be suitable for on completion of your course. Sign up, and give yourself every opportunity.

Join The Jobs Hub to prepare yourself to get the job that you want. Learn how to brand yourself and stand out from the crowd. Learn how to job hunt effectively. The Jobs Hub will review your CV to ensure that it is impressive. They will prepare you for interview so that you are confident and self-assured when you go for the “real” interview.

You might like to start your own business and we can help you with that too. In February, we will hold a “Start your own Business” conference.

Make your life plan and we will help you follow it through. Release your potential!