Courses in the college are funded by the Department of Education and Skills and SOLAS (the Further education and Training Authority, with support from the European Social Fund. There are no tuition fees for PLC courses for EU/EEA students.

Course fees are made up of:

  • Programme Participant Contribution
  • Student Services fee
  • Examination fees
  • Course Specific costs

All students are required to pay, as part of their fees, the Department of Education and Skills (DES) Programme Participant Contribution of €200.
You may be exempt from paying this contribution if:

  • You hold a Medical Card or are the dependant of a Medical Card holder
  • You are a VTOS or BTEA recipients
  • You are awarded a SUSI student maintenance grant

Students who apply for and subsequently receive a student maintenance grant will be refunded this contribution.

As part of the course fee, the college includes a Student Services Fee. This part covers the supply of additional classroom and study materials, some field trips, industrial site visits, guest lecturers on certain courses, access to college IT and printing supports for students, the availability of many college leisure and recreational opportunities and support for College teams and societies.

This charge applies to ALL students and no exemptions apply; however a student who takes up a confirmed VTOS place will have the charge refunded.

QQI (Quality & Qualifications Ireland) examination fees are €50 for Level 5, or €80 for Level 6.

Some courses are certified by other accrediting bodies in full, or may have additional certification from such bodies as well as the QQI certification. Each of these bodies set their own examination fees and these may vary slightly from year to year due to exchange rates. Individual course costs on the college fees page, include these fees.

All students who receive VTOS are exempt from paying examination fees; students who are holders of a Medical Card or a dependant of a Medical Card holder are exempt from paying QQI examination fees only.

Some courses incur additional costs for course related items, e.g. student’s kits and uniforms, manuals etc. The Student Services fee includes all these costs. The costs associated any such items apply to all students, including VTOS.

A full breakdown of the fee per course is shown at

By accepting an offer of a place, you are accepting the terms and conditions of CETB regarding fee payments.