What is the purpose of Garda Vetting?

The function of Garda Vetting is to disclose details regarding ‘all prosecutions, successful or not, pending or completed, and/or convictions’ in respect of an individual applicant to a registered organisation.

Do I need to be garda vetted?

Garda Vetting is conducted on students attending courses where interaction with children or vulnerable adults is a feature of the course.  It is mandatory to have Garda Vetting to go on work placement.

I have been vetted before with a voluntary organisation with which I am involved. Will this do for the college?

No. In Ireland, each organisation is required to vet their own employees and work placement students.  A person may be vetted for a number of different organisations.  The vetting from the college is only applicable for the students in the registered organisation i.e. Cork Education and Training Board.

I am under 18. Do I still have to be vetted?

Students under 18 are still required to complete the garda vetting application form.  In addition, under 18s must have a parental consent form signed by parent or guardian.

How long is my Garda Vetting valid for?

It is valid for three years for Cork Education and Training Board.  If you apply for a job, you will be required to complete the garda vetting process for that organisation.

Where do I get the Garda Vetting invitation form?

Garda vetting invitation forms are posted out to potential students. Forms may also be obtained from Room 213 in the college.

Where do I return the Garda Vetting invitation form to?

The garda vetting invitation form must be returned to Room 213 in the college and not to your local garda station.  You are required to provide 3 forms of identification to verify your identity.  These must include a passport/driver’s licence/public services card, birth certificate and a letter with your address on it.

Must I fill in all the addresses I have ever lived at or can I just put in the ones that are in Ireland?

This process takes place online.  All addresses from birth must be entered on the Garda Vetting online application.  If you have lived in any location for longer than 6 months, that address must be recorded.  It is also necessary to record all addresses that are outside Ireland.

Do I need Garda clearance for countries that I have lived in outside Ireland?

Some work placements will require you to have garda clearance certificates for those countries in which you have resided since the age of 18. The onus is on you to obtain your police clearance from the jurisdictions in which you resided.

Where do I return my Garda Vetting application form?

Garda Vetting invitation forms must be returned to the college on the day of your interview as well as the documents verifying your identity.  There will be a room allocated to this task. Otherwise forms may be returned to Room 213 in the college.  They are under no circumstances to be returned to your local Garda station.

What happens after I return the invitation form to the college?

The form is checked by the college and the identity documents you provided are photocopied.

All successfully completed application forms are then sent to the Authorised Signatory for Cork Education and Training Board. They are then forwarded to the National Vetting Bureau in Tipperary.

How long does the Garda vetting process take?

This process takes 2 to 3 weeks.

How do I know when the process is completed?

For students who have completed the process by September, their disclosure letters are given out at induction.  For all other day students, the disclosures will be distributed to students through the college Garda Vetting team from the office in Room 213.  It is your responsibility to call to the office to collect your disclosure. You must sign to acknowledge receipt of your disclosure.

When is the Garda Vetting office open?

The office hours will be posted up on the door of room 213 and will also be sent to you by email at the start of the academic year.  The garda vetting team are full time teachers so office hours are restricted.  Queries outside of office hours can be made by emailing jshalvey@ccoc.ie

I have lost my garda vetting disclosure. Can I get a replacement copy?

Your garda vetting disclosure is a valuable document and should be treated as such.  It is important that you take a photocopy of the document and only give a copy to your work placement.  There is a €10 charge for replacement letters. Any queries re replacement letters must be made to Room 213 or (021) 223830 or jshalvey@ccoc.ie.  This charge must be paid before any replacement letter can be received.