Are you ‘people focused’ and intent on pursuing an education in social science, psychology or the humanities? This pre-university course is designed to give you a complete grounding in the concepts, theories, terminology and research skills required to pursue a successful degree in a third level college. Build your confidence and competencies with the methodologies and knowledge necessary to move to degree level.

  • Psychology 5N0754 – Explore a variety of theorists / practitioners / therapists e.g Freud and Rogers, look at the brain as well as memory and how it works.  Learn specifics about addiction, schizophrenia, depression, eating disorders, stress, emotional behavioural disorders and learning disabilities, phobias, OCD  etc. Understand sleep and dreams as well as disorders in this area, social psychology experiments and research in this area, behaviour in groups, helping behaviours, peer pressure, advertising etc. Investigate research methods, ethics and their importance as well as experimental psychology- here students get to partake in experiments and learn how to write up experimental reports. A number of therapeutic approaches are covered e.g. CBT, gestalt , person centred etc… when dealing with people who have mental health issues.
  • Social Studies 5N1370 – Understand your position as an individual, family member and as part of a community and wider society. Examine critically contemporary social issues, learn how some sociological theories can be applied to Irish society, increase your effectiveness in life and work through understanding social issues e.g the impact of discrimination on individuals and groups in society
  • Communications 5N0690 – Acquire writing skills, learn to speak fluently and coherently in a professional setting, develop interpersonal skills and have an understanding of the impact of ICT on society.
  • Human Growth and Development 5N1279 – Learn  psychology throughout the lifespan, how we grow, learn develop and change throughout our lives. Understand factors that affect development throughout the lifespan. Develop interpersonal/interactive skills appropriate to responding to the needs of others.
  • Intercultural Studies 5N0765 – encourages students to appreciate diversity and multiculturalism in 21st century Ireland. Looks at Irish and International examples of cultural diversity – and both the positive and negative outcomes that can arise from these
  • Legal Practice and Procedures 5N1394 – Understand the role of the constitution in the Irish legal system, legal terminology and the structure of the Irish court system. Describe proceedings in a court of law. Explore the impact of European law on the Irish system. Evaluate documents and legislation in your relevant area. Identify main categories of remedies e.g compensation etc.
  • Statistics 5N2066 – Understand data, data collection and compile statistical information. Identify and implement appropriate means of presenting data. Analyse and interpret statistical information and learn how to use statistics for work and life.
  • Work Experience 5N1356 – Planning, preparation and reflection on work placement. Job finding strategies, CV and personal statement preparation, interview skills. Practise employability skills with a view to future planning.

Leaving Certificate with a minimum of five O6 grades (Maths preferable).  Mature students are exempt from the Leaving Certificate requirement. All applicants are interviewed. An offer of a place on this course is contingent on the applicant meeting the requirements set out here and satisfactory presentation at interview. Garda Vetting is required for work experience.

Excellent progression opportunities including:

See Progressions for full details on progressions.

Excellent progression opportunities to other Higher Education colleges. Special arrangements in place with CIT (CCPS), Tralee IT and Waterford IT for preferential entry for College of Commerce students. Up to 390 CAO points for any Institute of Technology can be attained by successful completion of this course.

This course is designed primarily for progression but career opportunities arise within the community and voluntary work sectors. Guidance seminars and one to one guidance on opportunities.

  • Duration: September to May
  • Fees: €500 including QQI examination fees. (Medical card holders exempt from €250). See Payment for details.
  • Certification: QQI Level 5 Certificate in Applied Social Studies 5M2181
  • Work Experience: Students will undertake a block work placement of two weeks in a variety of community based settings e.g. social and voluntary services, family centres, community services and residential services.Garda vetting is an integral part of the application procedure for this course.
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Studying the Psychosocial Awareness course has been the most productive and enjoyable learning experience of my life.

Shane Tobin, Your Content Goes Here

Hi, my name is Chloe O Mahony and I am a past student of Cork College of Commerce. I was a student of the course Psychology and Social Studies last year. I chose to do this course because I did not succeed in getting the right amount of points, missed out by 50 points in my leaving certificate for my chosen course Social Care in CIT. From a personal view I did not think I would ever be in college after hearing I didn’t get my course however at a last minute decision I chose to apply for the level 5 Psychology and Social Studies course, that was for a year only and would help me get into a third level college. When I first attended the college I fell in love with what I was doing and could see myself carrying on psychology and social studies in the future. It was a heavy and tough year but it paid off in the end as I enjoyed the year very much. After passing all my modules, I had filled out the CAO form to gain my place in a third level college and had received an acceptance to UCC for the course Social Science. I am now a student in UCC and I enjoy and love what I am studying. In fact the course Psychology and Social Studies gave me an opportunity to be ahead of others going into first year college as I have the majority of the same material covered. I would like to thank the Cork College of Commerce for giving me the opportunity to carry on my studies and to the staff who were very friendly and helpful. I wouldn’t be in UCC and studying what I love if it wasn’t for this College. Graduate 2016.

Chloe O'Mahony, UCC student

During 6th year I knew that I wanted to go to UCC however I had no idea what I wanted to study. In the last few months of 6th year I had decided that the best thing for me would be to apply to the College of Commerce. While looking through the different courses that they offered I found that the course  Psychology and Social Studies interested me the most. The course is taught similarly to third level which suited me better than the leaving cert structure. It also prepared me for what studying Applied Psychology in UCC would be like. If it wasn’t for the College of Commerce I would not be in UCC studying what I love.

Andréa O'Driscoll, Now studying Applied Psychology in UCC.

I chose to study in Cork College of Commerce as when I had completed my Leaving Certificate in 2017, I was 17 and had decided that I was still very young to proceed to third level. The year in the College is one that I will be forever grateful for as it prepared me well for progressing to third level. Although the year was busy, the guidance from the teachers made the year manageable and enjoyable. The skills I gained from the year has helped with the easy transition to third level. I am now studying Social Science in UCC and without the help from Cork College of Commerce this dream would not have become a reality.

Jean McCarthy, Now studying Social Science in UCC.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity of being accepted for the Psychology and Social Studies course in Cork College of Commerce. The course is taught similar to Third Level in so much as you are required to complete a number of assignments and end of year exams rather than the Leaving Cert structure. This system suited me better as I learned very important skills in research which I now use in UCC . The course is hard work but it is worth it if you put the work in. My class was very diverse, I made a lot of friends and we had fun but most of all we were supported by our teachers and we also supported each other the best we could. I loved my time spent there and it has allowed me to reach my goal as I am now studying level 8 Criminology in UCC! I would highly recommend this course to everyone. Graduate 2016.

Emma Murphy, UCC student

Last year I went to the College of Commerce to study Psychology and Social Studies. I had been out of education for eight years. The thought of going back was very daunting but the structure of the course and the support from the staff helped so much. Now I’m studying in UCC and I find the course content from last year gave me an excellent head start. I gained a lot of useful skills during my time in College of Commerce which took a lot of the pressure off me in first year in UCC. I would advise anyone thinking of returning to third level to take a course first in College of Commerce. The experience and the knowledge, coupled with the support and guidance is invaluable and very relevant. I loved my time there and I’m very grateful to the staff and the college for the opportunities it opened up for me. Thanks to everyone in the College, I couldn’t have done it without them.

Kate Bollard, Graduate student