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O’Brien Photographic studios have kindly agreed to sponsor a photography competition for students and staff in the college. This competition is being run in conjunction with the Cork Lifelong Learning Festival 2020. 

How to enter

  1. You must be either a day or night student in the Cork College of Commerce for 2019–2020 and over 18 years of age in order to be able to submit an entry to the competition.   You can also be a current staff member of the Cork College of Commerce.
  2. You may apply by entering a maximum of THREE photos by emailing them to the competition organiser David Tyrrell at Please specify the details of the device that you have used to take the photos such as with a particular camera phone or with a particular type of camera. Please give each of the photos a title as well to describe them. You must also give the course that you are completing in the College by day or night. If you are a staff member then please indicate your role in the college.
  3. In entering the competition you must ensure that the photograph does not contravene any act, statutory instrument nor is it in any other way illegal, defamatory, seditious or blasphemous or an infringement of any copyright, trademark or industrial design and is an original photograph of the entrant.
  4. The competition is open to amateur photographers only and entrants must not be professional photographers. For the purposes of this competition, a professional photographer is considered to earn more than half their annual income from the sale or submissions of their photography work.
  5. Entry into the competition implies acceptance of these rules.
  6. Photographs entered must be taken within or around the island of Ireland.
  7. To enter the competition you must submit your entry on or before 5pm on Thursday March 26th 2020.
  8. Winners will be selected based on the quality of the image, that the image reflects truly and accurately the subject title and also the uniqueness of the photograph. Winners will be notified either by email or phone call.
  9. Winners will be publicly announced by the early April 2019, once the competition judges have made their choice.
  10. The judge’s decision in choosing winners is final and shall not be subject to review or protracted correspondence on the matter.
  11. The judge(s) of the competition will be chosen by the competition organiser.