Repeat Leaving Certificate (Ordinary and Higher)

//Repeat Leaving Certificate (Ordinary and Higher)

The aim of this course is to afford students an opportunity to improve on their ordinary level Leaving Certificate results while providing an opportunity to take some subjects at higher level if desired. Extra tuition, small class sizes, intense study, career guidance and counselling programs will be an integral part of this course

This course is an ideal opportunity to complete your education or to assist you to gain entry to Universities, Institutes of Technology, Further Education Courses or Employment.

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1 year

Leaving Certificate

In February/March 2018, the Leaving Certificate examination fee will be paid to the Department of Education. Pre Leaving Certificate examination fee €60 and student services €250. In 2017, the fee was €437, including €127 DES LC fee (exempt for medical card holders).

Gaelige Mathematics
English Accounting
French Chemistry
Design & Communications Graphics Social & Scientific
Biology Geography
Agricultural Economics Economics
History Agricultural Science
Physics Art

Candidates must have pursued the Higher Level course in your previous school in order to take the following subjects at higher level- Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Mathematics and Economics. All options are subject to viable numbers.

Students should have pursued the Leaving Certificate course and must have a genuine desire to secure an overall improvement in their results. Successful candidates must enroll for six subjects. You must have pursued the higher level course in your previous school in order to take the following subjects at higher level – Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Mathematics, History and Economics. All options are subject to numbers being viable.

  • Excellent experienced teachers
  • Supervised study facilities
  • Career Guidance and Counselling
  • Study Advisors
  • CAO facilitation sessions
  • Ongoing assessment and feedback

Application through CAO is made during the college year

There is a lot to be said about repeating the Leaving Cert. For me, it was one of the most beneficial years of personal growth and educational development. In fact, I would do it again if I had to. The Repeat Leaving Cert Course at the College of Commerce is immensely exam focused and success driven. There are countless aids to avail of, such as Study Skill Sessions with course director, Miriam DeBarra, Guidance Counsellors, there to help whether career related or otherwise and above all, the teaching cohort are, in short, erudite and well experienced in the art of intense learning, as it is a one year course. From September to June I was continuously motivated by means of helpful, caring and competent staff. Apart from the academic spectre, this year has taught me two extremely important life lessons, one, that ‘what is for you won’t pass you’, and second, that self-belief and willpower must come from you, nobody will do it for you. I have complete faith in the Leaving Cert. faculty in College of Commerce to guide me through my exams. My experience at the College of Commerce has been one of absolute positivity. I would highly recommend someone to choose the College of Commerce to repeat, as in my opinion there is nowhere more equipped to ensure your success.

Jane Dennehy, Arts, UCC

After I got my results last year I knew I wouldn’t be happy with the course I was offered. I hadn’t worked to the best of my ability and felt I had the potential to get the course I wanted. College of Commerce gave me the opportunity to do this. The environment in the College of Commerce is different to that of school as you have more independence and are treated like an adult which prepares you for college life. Due to the constant support of the staff and course director, Miriam De Barra I was able to stay motivated throughout the year. I also made some great friends who made the year easier. Deciding to repeat was a tough decision but it was worth it in the end.

Sally Roche, Engineering, UCC

Repeating the Leaving Cert definitely isn’t for the undetermined, unmotivated or the faint-hearted. But if you are serious about giving it another go, I couldn’t recommend the Cork College of Commerce more highly. Its fantastic staff and motivating atmosphere makes the experience much more enjoyable than you could ever imagine. I’m thoroughly pleased with my decision to come here. With an excellent range of subjects to choose from and a dedicated teaching staff Career Guidance and Study advice, College of Commerce meets all your study needs. Not only have I improved my academic grades but I’ve also made a number of friends who I’m certain I’ll be close to for the rest of my life. I genuinely couldn’t be happier with my decision to come here. If you decide to repeat the Leaving Cert make sure to do it at the Cork College of Commerce, you won’t regret it!

Nathan O'Regan, Your Content Goes Here
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