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Advanced Software Development

This course is designed to further a student’s learning in how to produce commercially viable software by learning about modern software development methodologies and modelling tools, and applying those tools to design, code and test GUI and Object Oriented programs applying those tools to design, code and test GUI and Object Orientated programs and [...]

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Advanced Healthcare

This is a programme for those who value the delivery of Person Centred Care, and have successfully completed their level 5 award in Health Service Skills or equivalent. With a focus on core competencies required to supervise and manage effective teams, programme graduates are well positioned to connect with stakeholders in the health, [...]

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Accounting Technician Apprenticeship

This course is geared towards applicants who are looking to develop a professional career in accounting. Accounting Technician Apprentices work four days a week with the employer and study one day a week with the college, on a two-year contract. It is a two year paid apprenticeship which combines ‘on-the-job’ [...]

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Advanced Business & Administration

This course builds on business/administration knowledge and skills already attained. Its multidisciplinary nature provides students with a broad subject base from which to progress. There is a strong emphasis on application to the business/administration world through the use of simulated scenarios. It aims to enhance students’ communication, presentation, teamworking, research, analytical and problem solving [...]

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Advanced Marketing with Event Management

Develop further your business and marketing skills with this advanced programme and gain networking opportunities with industry professionals and practical experience of event management. Develop your entrepreneurial spirit and take the opportunity to gain a host of skills such as Web Authoring that will ensure you are ready to enter the marketplace or progress [...]

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