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Advanced Software Development

This course is designed to further a student’s learning in designing, developing, integrating and testing software, using GUI Programming, Object Oriented Programming, HTML, CSS and WordPress. The student will learn how to produce commercially viable software, by learning and applying modern software development methodologies and modelling tools. The student will also learn key skills in [...]

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Advanced Tourism

This course is designed to develop the skills of those from the Tourism and Culinary/Hospitality courses to address the growing needs in the marketplace for professionals to serve the vibrant hospitality and tourism sector in Ireland and abroad. It combines Tourism/Hospitality subjects with the business skills necessary to function within an evolving sector. The [...]

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Advanced Healthcare

Further your skills and knowledge in Level 5 in Healthcare(or related areas) with a programme developed to meet the supervisory requirements of the health,caring and community sector. Learn with confidence to be a competent leader, supervising care teams, which serve the needs of clients and rely on nursing homes and support services. Students will [...]

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Advanced Business

This course builds on business knowledge and skills already attained. There is a strong emphasis on application to the business world and acquisition of digital skills. It aims to enhance students’ communication, analytic and problem solving skills thereby preparing participants for further study or entry to work. Email: business@ccoc.ie          Tel: (021) 4223850 Or send [...]

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Advanced Psychosocial Awareness & Training

The QQI Level 6 course aims to create an understanding of inclusive education, mental health and disability awareness. The content enhances previous knowledge acquired in the areas of Psychology and Social Studies, Early Years Education, Healthcare Assistant, Nursing Studies and other Health related areas. Successful completion of the course provides learners with opportunities for [...]

Advanced Marketing with Event Management

Develop further your business and marketing skills with this advanced programme and gain networking opportunities with industry professionals and practical experience of event management. Develop your entrepreneurial spirit and take the opportunity to gain a host of skills that will ensure you are ready to enter the marketplace or progress to higher education. Options [...]

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